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Die Energie

 The Energy

 The Law of Energy Conservation

 Open Energy Systems

 Forms of Energy

 Electric Energy

 Electric Power Networks

 Thermic Energy

 Energy Storage

 Variable Forces


 The Translation


 The Rotation


 The Power

 The Utilization Factor

 Variable Power

 Energy and Progress

 The Energy Consumption

 The Energy Shift

 The Efficiency Factor


 Energy demand in the developing countries


 The Greenhouse Effect

 The Methane Gas

 The global Warming

 Alternative Energies

 Energy Technology

 Functional Principles  


 Energy Efficiency


 Regenerative Energies

 The Bio-Energy




 Energy Mix


 The Fuel Cell


 Environment Pollution


 The Water Energy

 Water Power and Energy Generation


 Turbine Types

 Water Wheels

 Turbine Calculations

 Types of Power Plants

 Conversion of Waterpower

 Electric Generators

 The Potential of Waterpower

 Waterpower and Protection of Nature

 Energy of Tides and Waves

 The Ocean Current

 The Waterjet Turbine

 Functioning of the Turbine


 Structure of the Turbine




 The Wind Energy

 Wind Power and Energy Generation


 The Buoyancy Principle


 Comparison of the Rotor Types


 The Sun Energy

 Solar-thermal Power Plants


 Solar-energy Potential


 Photovoltaic and Energy Generation


 Energy in the Future

 The Nuclear Energy

 Nuclear Power Plants

 The nuclear Fusion


 The Geothermic

 Geothermal Power Plants

 Reduction of CO2 - Emission

 Energy Consensus

 The Hydrogen Economy

 Economic Development

 Novel Energy Sources

 Use of the Solar Energy

 Energy News







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The Energy
Energie und Fortschritt
Energy and Progress
Regenerative Energien
Regenerative Energies
Die Wasserenergie
The Water Energy
Die Strahlenturbine
The Waterjet Turbine
Die Windenergie
The Wind Energy
Die Sonnenenergie
The Sun Energy
Energie in der Zukunft
Energy in the Future
Energy News